SAVE THE WORLD 2018 Workshop

Jakob Angela Refilwe Andrea Tatjana1

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP with experts and artists at DIE- Art and the implementation of the 2030 agenda

For this year's MGG Academy and 54 Postgraduate course of the German Development Institute works together with the artistic creators and organisators of the project SAVE THE WORLD, Nicola Bramkamp and Andrea Tietz.

This practical workshop will share SAVE THE WORLD creators perspectives and various artistic views on the SAVE THE WORLD project and use these to suggest new strategies communicating Sustainable Development Goals. The idea behind this interactive session is to open up fresh thinking about how art can contribute to debate, open up new perspectives and prompt action.

In four different workshops, the participants develop together with an artist their own project ideas. The practice-oriented format encourages the development of own visions and strategies for the implementation of sustainable approaches.

The Workshop & Instructors: Activism: Refilwe Mkomo, multidisciplinary artist
Personal impressions of sustainability: Jakob Klaffs, Video artist
Playground: Angela Merl, Theatre Director and Education Expert
Making art to save the world: Nicola Bramkamp & Andrea Tietz, artistic directors SAVE THE WORLD

Aim of this session:
  • to build synergies amongst different communities
  • increase mutual understanding
  • approach problems and solutions from multiple angles.
Thematic areas the session will focus on:
  • Successful stories of Communication and Advocacy on SDGs
  • Innovative approaches for SDG implementation

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